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So you're thinking about upgrading to SYSPRO 7


It's interesting that as we started updating our SYSPRO 7 upgrade checklist that we actually started with the hardware review and not with the list of SYSPRO 7 features and benefits. 


I've been driving the same car for over 4 years now even though a newer model and much upgraded version has been released twice since.


I've looked at the new version.

I've researched it on the Internet.

I've even taken it for a test drive.


The new model has a built in touch screen navigation system.

Ah the comfort of not getting lost

But it seems I'm ok with no navigation system.

I guess my iPhone or iPad falling all over the car while I'm driving is ok

That stuff flying around your car can seriously bruise you if not kill you

Or that I put my life at risk every time I try balance  it somewhere where I can see it while driving


The new model also has more comfortable seating and has 360 seat protection

My existing seating is leather. It still looks new.

Maybe comfort and safety aren't worth the upgrade either

Or is it that my current seat settings have lulled me into a sense of comfort

Change. No one really likes it do they.


The new model has a fully integrated phone system

I have Sync and Sirius Radio in my car now

I guess clearer safer hands free calls and a wifi hotspot in the car aren't worth the upgrade either


It's going to be cheaper to finance a new car

Think it would be common sense to upgrade wouldn't you.


As I consider Syspro7 it seems the same thing except for one thing

Imagine if when I bought the car

I also bought a full service plan that allowed me to get a new car

Each time a new version was released

That would mean I would drive a new car

Every year.


If you're already a licensed SYSPRO 6 user and have paid your annual license fees then you bought the service plan

You're entitled to a the new version of the software each time it's released

but like me and my car you should carefully consider before upgrading


Its going to be a little bit like when you upgraded from Win XP to Win 8

or if your're s SYSPRO veteran then like the upgrade from IMPACT to Encore

or Encore to SYSPRO


But just like all those upgrades

It will be so worth the effort


So where do you start?

The diagram below shows the key steps that we suggest you follow prior to undertaking an upgrade to SYSPRO7.  

Note that we did not end at the actual upgrade. 

There are a series of different steps for that.

SYSPRO 7 Pre-Upgrade Steps.JPG 

System and Hardware Review ​


What should I be looking at for the operating system review?

This part of use is easy

Just upgrade to the most current version. 

Right now that's Windows 2012 and SQL 2014 and Win-8 Clients

Now that part might be easy but its not free nor quick



  1. Processor + Memory + Hard Drive
  2. Server Operating System
  3. WCF or Client Server
  4. Group Policy and Security 

SQL Server

  1. 3-Tier SQL Server?
  2. SQL 2014 or not

Client Workstations

  1. Processor + Memory + Hard Drive
  2. Windows 8 or 7 Operating System

Mobile Strategy

  1. Devices
  2. SYSPRO Espresso


Click here to download a copy of our SYSPRO 7 Upgrade Checklist

 This covers only the topics disussed and not the upgrade of SYSPRO. 

Contact us here.